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Migration to Office 365

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Migration to Office 365 

For companies looking to move more existing data into Office 365, AvePoint FLY can swiftly migrate from file shares, G Suite, Exchange, or SharePoint, and perform ongoing content restructuring among Groups, Teams, and Sites. 
 Discover content across your exisiting on premises or cloud systems to identify migration risks before they delay your migration 
 Migrate content, applying filter policies as well as mapping profiles to automate content selection and ensure permissions and metadata are correctly moved into Office 365 
 Monitor migration job progress to identify issues in real time, and track your migration progress 
Cloud Backup for Office 365 & Dynamics 365 
Protects Groups, Teams, Sites, Exchange Online, Project Online, and OneDrive for Business, or Dynamics 365 from service outage, user error, and malware – including ransomware attacks. 
 Automatic backup up to 4X daily 
 Unlimited backup data is stored in AvePoint’s secure Azure storage 
 Your data is encrypted by default with 256 bit-encryption. Bring your own encryption key for added security! 
 On-demand restore when you need it – no support calls or tickets 
 Granularly restore content back to its original location, or offline for immediate access during service outage 
Cloud Management for Office 365 
Scale your IT team, and take the complexity out of management with an intuitive GUI. No need to rely on PowerShell, or various administrative interfaces to implement changes to permissions, settings, and more. 
 Quickly create new sites, Groups, and OneDrive for Business assets 
 Search for, and modify permissions, including sharing settings 
 Report on Office 365 content structure, and audit user activity to track adoption 
 Package branding, solutions, content types, and metadata into business templates for fast deployment across sites and workspaces