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Intune & Desktop Management

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Office 365 Program Comparison

With Tech Data and Microsoft, you now have the choice to offer Office 365 "Your Way".  Whether you want to control the billing, offer monthly recurring models or bundle in your own services, we offer you every purchasing option.


Purchase Option Comparison


 How Office 365 Compares to the Competition

  With Microsoft, you get all of the tools you need to get work done and build value-without cutting corners.  Don't settle for high deployment, management, and efficiency costs.  Choose Microsoft for a familiar, sleek experience, more effective collaboration, and the flexibility to grow.


                                Experience              Collaboration                                   Grow      

Modern User Experience 

OpenOffice calls its own interface cubersome and inefficient, while Office 365 delivers a sleek, intuitive user experience and the business tools you need.

Modern Effective Collaboration 

Instead of restricting how, were and when work gets done, Office 365 helps enhance trust, and boost collaboration.

Flexibility to Grow

Don't compromise on too much IT complexity and higher costs when you can get the tools you need today and the flexibility to grow in the future with Office 365.


White Papers


Customers find value by choosing Office 365

More and more businesses worldwide continue to choose Office 365 as their complete productivity solution.  This paper illustrates how organizations derive value from Office 365, and reveals the hidden costs of choosing Google Apps for Work as experienced by customers that switched from Google.

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Trust in Office 365

Read to learn more about how Microsoft can help with security, privacy and compliance when you move your organization's data to the cloud and how Google Apps for Work has limited capabilties in these areas.

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Securing the Microsoft Cloud

This strategy brief discusses how Microsoft addresses the challenges of providing a trustworthy infrastructure for cloud services, reviews, our risk-based information security and related privacy controls, and describes the compliance framework we follow to ensure our datacenters and other infrastructure elements meet our commitments and help customers meet their security and related compliance needs.

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Once Tech Data receives signed Cloud Rider and Support Ticketing portal information, we will send you an email within a few days with confirmation that you are ready to transact CSP. A separate email will be sent with Support Ticketing portal credentials. 

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