Websites for Attorney Firm

Websites for Attorney Firm

Included with your membership:

Site Design + Updates

We style your site and offer you a free restyling every three years.

Unlimited Support

Our responsive team of legal marketing experts is here for you.

Freedom Of Choice

No long-term contract required. Change service levels on the fly.

On-Demand Reports

Easy to read and understand. Cut through useless metrics.

Design Guarantee

Your sites will be compatible with the latest browsers.

Mobile Friendly

100% desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone compatible.

Unlimited Users

Includes access for all your attorneys and staff.


Unlimited Videos

Drag-and-drop mobile-compatible video hosting. No limits.


Security Certificates

You’re protected by the latest in web security.

Automatic Updates

You’ll always have the latest version of LawLytics.

Optional Free Logo

During setup we can create or update your firm’s logo.

Unlimited Publishing

There’s no limit on how big your site can grow.

Smart Forms

Unlimited forms. Strategically collect and distribute information.

Exclusive Hosting

Hosted on our high-performance attorneys-only system.

Attorney Network

Unlimited access to and use of the LawLytics Network.


Does this sound familiar?

  • Do I own my website after you finish building it?Once you've paid for your site, it's yours. We will never hold your website hostage or charge for add-on services that you don't need.

  • Can I make edits and updates to my site without technical knowledge?Our websites are designed to be managed by you, without technical experience. Of course, we're happy to help if you need it.

  • Will my website be fast?Because of the recent Google algorithm updates that now include page speed as a ranking factor, attorneys and law firms are paying a lot more to the speed of their websites. Luckily for you, we've been obsessed with page speed long before it was relevant to SEO. Our websites are built to be blazing fast, utilizing the latest and greatest technologies available. Most of our website projects load in under a second, which is faster than 90% of all websites online. If speed is a concern, we have the technical experience here in house.

  • Do you offer web hosting?We do offer hosting. Our server is a cloud-based ultra-fast Wordpress optimized hosting platform that we've configured specifically for our needs. It includes the latest and greatest technologies available. We will only host websites managed by us, due to security concerns (we don't want a poorly built site to become a security risk for our other clients!) If you have specific questions about our hosting platform, let us know.

  • Do you use pre-made templates?We do not. All of our website design builds are custom, 100% unique website designs that we can both be proud of.

  • What does it cost?No two projects are the same in our line of work. Our websites generally start at around $4500 for small or solo practices, and can vary significantly depending on the size of the project, and what's involved. We offer discounts for clients who need both digital marketing services, and a custom website.


SKU 3/yr Hosting Plan Included